Dog and Cat Grooming


Monday: 9am to 2pm

Tuesday: 9am to 6pm

Wednesday: 9am-2pm

Thursday: 9am to 6pm

Friday: 9am to 2pm

Saturday: 9am to 2pm

Please note: All grooming clients are kept separate from our daycare and boarding dogs except upon owner request. 

We prefer cash or check, Gratuity is graciously accepted.

Customers that no-call, no-show for an appointment will be charged a $15 fee. Repeat no-shows will be charged 50% of the groom and may require a deposit.

Our full grooming services start at $50* and are based on breed. We offer a full service groom, a Tidy-Up, and a B&B (Bath and Brush) option.

A full groom consists of:           

  • Bath with a natural shampoo specialized for your dog's coat                                  

  • Brush 

  • Ear cleaning

  • Gland expression

  • Haircut

  • Nail trim 

A Tidy-up consists of:

  • Bath with a natural shampoo specialized for your dog's coat                               

  • Brush 

  • Ear cleaning

  • Gland expression

  • Hair trim around the face, feet, and sanitary area

  • Nail trim 

Royal Make-Rover ($19): An excellent option for in between grooms! Includes nail clip (add $2 for dremel), ears, and teeth brushing!

Royal Make-Rover DELUXE ($22): An excellent option for in between grooms! Includes nail clip (add $2 for dremel), ears, teeth brushing, AND one of the following:

- Brush Out (dematting charges may apply for severe mats)

- Sanitary Trim

- Pad Trim

*Pricing varies upon size, style desired, and condition of the animal. Please call for a proper quote.

For our boarding guests:

Guests in the kingdom get discounted bathing pricing with 4+ night stay! Less than four nights? No worries! ALL Boarding Guests receive 10% off any grooming service!

Walk-in Services:

Nail Trim only (Clippers): $11

Nail Dremel: add $4

Clean Pads: add $5

Ear Clean Only: $5

Face Trim: $10-12

Anal Gland Expression: $10

Add-Ons to Full Groom, Tidy-Up, and B&B:

Teeth Brushing: $7 (Includes teeth brushing and fresh dental spray)

Flea Shampoo: $8

De-Shed Treatment: $10-15 (De-shed Shampoo, conditioner, and Furminator brushing)

Nail Dremel: add $4

Deep Silk Conditioning Treatment: $5 A Deep Conditioning Treatment consists of a luxurious conditioner with a few drops of Argon Oil, nourishing the skin and leaving your dog's coat non-greasy, shiny, and beautiful! 

Cranberry Facial $6:

Relaxing and aroma-therapeutic facial massage, great for whitening and brightening tear/beard stains.

Pawdicure $8:

Moisturize and protect those perfect paws! Treatment begins with an exfoliating scrub, followed by a Lavender paw balm.


*(Excludes De-Shed Treatment)*

Cat Grooming (Appointment Required):

Please call for pricing

Show us your check in on FB and receive $1 off

Show us your Google review and receive $2 off

Refer a friend that completes a paid service and get $3 off your next visit!

*offers cannot be combined. Must mention ad.

Getting your pup to the groomer regularly makes it easier on everyone! A Normal grooming schedule is 6 to 8 weeks in between groomings. Please call if you have any questions!



M-F 7am-7pm  
SAT  9am-5pm

SUN Pick up and drop offs 9am-11am or 4pm to 6pm

*Please check grooming page for groomer hours


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We service all of the tri-state area including Vanport, Aliquippa, Hopewell, Center Twp, Beaver, Beaver Falls, Midland, New Brighton, Chippewa, Industry, East Liverpool, Bridgewater, Rochester, Monaca, Ambridge, Brighton Twp, Baden, Conway, Freedom, Economy, Ohioville, Eastvale, & Patterson Heights!