About us

At Canine Kingdom, we know how hard it is to leave your loved ones home alone. We also know how important it is that your family member receives the utmost care while you're away! Whether it be for a day of work or a few hours of shopping, we have you covered! We offer half and full days of dog daycare, boarding, training, and grooming at an all-in-one facility.

Meet the Staff

Jamie Williams - Owner

Jamie is a Beaver County native whose love for animals has always surpassed every other passion. "As a dog owner, I struggled leaving my dogs at home alone all day while I went to work and/or school. It can be costly for dog owners to board their pets and there is no current facility in Beaver County that offered the exact services I wanted." After spending time in the corporate world, Jamie decided to make her dreams come true and create affordable animal care available to Beaver County and surrounding area families. 

Lindsay - Assistant Manager

Lindsay greatly enjoys her time with family and her pups, Lucy, Rocky, and Coco! In her spare time, Lindsay enjoys martial arts and photography. Lindsay has become a wonderful asset to the Canine Kingdom team. Her bubbly demeanor is a pleasure to be around!

Rachal - Shift Leader
Alissa- Shift Leader

Alissa is pursuing an education in Veterinary Medicine. She has been a HUGE help at CK and you can catch her working on her holiday breaks and in the summer! She lives with her 4 dogs (Emma, Copper, Bella, and Sephie), pig (Buster), 2 horses (Cowboy and Jenni), 2 cows (Julio and Patches), and a hedgehog named Spike. 

Danielle Trombulak - Lead Groomer

Danielle was born and raised in Beaver County and has been grooming for a total of 12 years. Before grooming, she was a veterinary technician, which adds to her knowledge of proper care for dogs. Danielle thoroughly enjoys outdoor activities with her German Shepherd, Ruger and Chihuahua, Frank!

Amie Adams - Trainer

Amie began working with animals in childhood, on her family farm for 4-H & FFA. Graduating high school early to go on to working at local humane societies, this is where she learned about how important dog training is for dogs and their owners. During her time working at the shelters and local pet shops, she attended several dog training centers, animal behavior classes, grooming classes, classes on dog aggression and even learned how to teach Pet First Aid classes. Later on she started working with animal control as an adult and loved helping local law enforcement get things done. She moved to Beaver County recently and has three wonderful kids, who also share her passion for animals. They have a variety of animals that they have gained through rescue, including a new deaf puppy. Although Amie has pursued other careers, she eventually returned to her passion: helping people have successful relationships with their dogs.