About our trainer:


Amie began working with animals in childhood, on her family farm for 4-H & FFA. Graduating high school early to go on to working at local humane societies, this is where she learned about how important dog training is for dogs and their owners. During her time working at the shelters and local pet shops, she attended several dog training centers, animal behavior classes, grooming classes, classes on dog aggression and even learned how to teach Pet First Aid classes. Later on she started working with animal control as an adult and loved helping local law enforcement get things done. She moved to Beaver County recently and has three wonderful kids, who also share her passion for animals. They have a variety of animals that they have gained through rescue, including a new deaf puppy. Although Amie has pursued other careers, she eventually returned to her passion: helping people have successful relationships with their dogs.

"Every dog deserves a chance. Our goal is to help educate owners on dog behavior and training so we see less animals being surrendered to shelters due to behavioral issues."

Basic Manners ($250 for 6 weeks [Approximately 1-hour sessions]): For pups of all ages! Every Mondays at 6pm (or 7pm once our 6 o'clock class is full), we will learn and reinforce basic commands as well as address problem issues such as jumping, mouthing, and pulling on the leash. "Mat" is another useful command that teaches your dog to remain in it's place until released. This helps at dinner time or when having guests over! We can also discuss many puppy issues such as housebreaking and the use of interactive toys to help keep your dog's mind busy.  In addition to the lessons, you will receive a training lead, a bag of training treats, and upon completion of the program, a personalized bandana and FREE day of daycare!

Private Lessons: Private lessons are available for pups needing one-on-one, special attention. Lessons can be performed in the facility or in-home. Pricing varies based on individual needs. Please call for more information. 740-341-5248